1 Be nice -If You Cuss or Be rude you may get BANNED!   
2 ONLY Little Einsteins stuff. - Any fake junk will be removed and marked as spam.   
3 If you ruin this wiki you MAY be Banned for 7 Years (If its bad)   
4 No Fighting   
5 No Harmful Pictures to other users or page.   
6 If you see spam mark it as delete and message me at my Talk Page ASAP   
7 No Fake Pages   
8 If I tell you to remove a false fake page please follow   
9 No hare to other people   
10 If you remove one of my Edits I may get mad. (A week of ban isn't that bad :   
11 Have Fun   
12 Thank You for all your help.   
Bubic Einstein

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