Quincy and the Magic Instruments
Quincy and the Magic Instruments
Season 2, Episode 1
Production Information
Air DateJanuary 13, 2007
Written byUnknown
Directed byUnknown
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The Missing InvitationBrothers and Sisters to the Rescue
Quincy and the Magic Instruments/ The Seaside Adventure! is the twenty-ninth episode and first episode of Season 2.

Everyone but Quincy is stuck on the middle of the ocean and Quincy has to save them Before Big Jet Beats Them up 4 Dead! but Rocket is stuck too/ Big Jet's Gonna Hurt Rocket, & Mater The 57 year old Tow Truck Makes The May day Call as Sally The 32 year old Porsche Reports it. Quincy finds a box of Magic Instruments that help him travel across the world to save them as His Pal Lightning McQueen sees it too! as McQueen #95 Goes Along With Quincy Mater The Tow Truck Makes The Mayday Call Still/Sally The Porsche Says Um! Your Pals Are Still Knocked overboard! & They Need Help 2 Rescue Them! Life Preservers! Round Shape! So That Means Annie's Bro Leo's Bathing Suit Appeared underneath his Life Jacket! as The Sheriff The 49 year old 1949 Mercury Police Fillmore The Town Hippy VW BUS Aged 69 years old! Saves June Quincy's Nearest Friend Now Dressed in Her Bathing Suit underneath & Finally Sarge The 42 year old 1942 Willy's Army Jeep! Saving Leo's Sis Annie Dressed in Her Bathing suit! Underneath!

Who is centered in this episode

  • Quincy, & His pal Lightning McQueen #95 + Mater The 57 year old Tow Truck + Sally The 32 year old Porsche/The Sheriff The 49 year old 1949 Mercury Police Crusier + Fillmore The 69 year old Town Hippy VW BUS!

Minor Characters

  • Magic Trumpet
  • Magic Harp
  • Magic Flute
  • Magic Triangle

Music in the episode

  • Swan lake op.20 by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky