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Små Einsteins Filmen ser vi på Sommaren 2013

Our Huge Adventure Movie Poster

Little Einsteins Our Huge Adventure is a 2004 Theatrical musical adventure feature lenght movie from Walt Disney Pictures The film would later turn into the TV series Little Einsteins

Movie Summary

Chapter 1 a brand new outfit

In the film the title group comprising Leo June Quincy Annie meet a little Monarch caterpillar The caterpillar sings a song called Buggy Wuggy Annie sings 2 it Leo conducts 2 it while the little einsteins sing it they then discover a green truck with a tree on it When the caterpillar gets in the back of the truck, he waves goodbye 2 the Little Einsteins as the caterpillar waving dies down the truck gets bumped under a little hill which causes the caterpillar 2 fly out of back of the truck Annie calls out 2 stop the truck but the truck just drives away leaving the caterpillar behind with the little einsteins

The caterpillar joins the Little einsteins They then later get some yellow leaves 4 the caterpillar they then stop the by beach & watch the caterpillar eat the leaves After the caterpillar finishes his leaves a storm comes by The caterpillar is then blow into the air & lands on 1 of the instruments out of the sea Annie manages 2 rescue him by using the clapper catcher After a while they finally find the truck with the other caterpillars inside after that they stop at a tree area the little einsteins try 2 find the same tree like on the truck door when they do the caterpillar then gets on the tree spins a chrysalis & turns into a monarch butterfly

Chapter 2 the missing invitation

After when the caterpillar turns into a butterfly they get invitations by a Mailman Butterfly Leo Annie Quincy & Rocket get them except the butterfly The butterfly becomes sad Leo asks the Mailman Butterfly where the invitations for the butterfly is He shows the pictures of where they need to go Niagra Falls a butterfly garden in New York City inside a spooky cave in Oklahoma & a barn in Texas After they searched for the invitation in 3 places they finally find it at the barn the cows the cows then move & they get the invitation 4 the butterfly family party

After they get the invitation 4 butterfly the Little Einsteins make it to the festival in Mexico The Little Einsteins put their invitations in a box so does butterfly & Rocket June tells everyone that butterflies fly 2 the festival every year & they travel thousands of miles which is called Migration The Little Einsteins make a reprise of the butterfly song buggy Wuggie With the swarm of butterflies After they do that the team got 3 cheers 4 butterfly & Leo called out mission completion ending of the film the kids then do the Curtain call

At the end of the Curtain call Leo say see you on the next mission then the curtains close before cutting the credits that so silly segment was shown within the caterpillars in the truck drive past the crowd & wave 2 them indicating goodbye & the camera pans up 2 the sky into a space background with stars & there Rocket that flies 2 the screen

Voice Actors

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