Mr. Penguin's Ice Cream Adventure is the Four-t-y-eighth episode in Little Einsteins season 2, & Season 3 is The Legend of Circus World in Bar-a-boo, Wisconsin: Where There's 2 Circus Events: A Big Show, & Circus Parade Everyday: Circus World Also Has The Greatest Collection of Antique Circus Parade Wagons All Loaded on 5 Circus World Flatcars Such as #57: Col Tim McCoy's Real Wild West, #55: John Robinson: 10 Big Shows Combined, #58: Sells Flo Toe Circus, #53: W. W. Cole's Great New York/New Orleans Zoological/Equestrian Exposition, & #75: The Ringling Bros./Barnum/Bailey Combined Circus as Also Featured in The Best Of I Love Cat Machines DVD Parts 1-4. Which is Also Featured on Disc 1 Now Running 45 Mins. & Disc 2 Also Runs 45 Mins. Totaling the 15 add On Mins. 2 the 75 min. DVD Which was now Equaled 90 Mins. 

Mr. Penguin's Ice Cream Adventure
Season 2, Episode 48
Production Information
Air Date28 January 2008
Written byUnknown
Directed byEric Weiner
Episode Guide
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Annie Get Your MicrophoneThe Wind Up Toy Prince


This episode starts out with kids, & The 4503's Freight 2 The North Pole!  Casey Junior The Beach Train 2 Coney Island! in New York!

Characters, & Locomotives

  • Leo
  • June
  • Quincy
  • Annie
  • Mr. Penguin
  • Penguins
  • S. L. S.F. 4-8-4 Northern #4503!
  • Casey Junior The Circus Locomotive

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