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Hi! We're the Little Einsteins!

Little Einsteins is television show on the channel Disney Junior Little Einstein consists of 4 children. Leo, Annie, Quincy and June. The children ride on a rocket ship to explore the world, and learn about music, as well. They help each other out and help animals or things who need help!

Hello I'm the new admin Bubic Einstein!

Hello, Ola, Bonjour. Welcome to the Little Einsteins Wiki! I am he new admin Bubic Einstein, I hope you enjoy Little Einsteins Like I do. So this wiki has been vandalized, SO I WILL PUT A STOP TO IT! :D

So here are some rules, Please Follow

  1. Be nice - If you cuss or be rude you may get banned.
  2. ONLY Little Einsteins stuff. - Any fake junk will be removed and marked as spam.
  3. If you ruin this wiki you MAY be Banned for 7 Years (If its bad)
  4. No Fighting
  5. No Harmful Pictures to other users or page.
  6. If you see spam mark it as delete and message me at my Talk Page ASAP.
  7. No Fake Pages.
  8. If I tell you to remove a false fake page please follow.
  9. No hate to other people
  10. If you remove one of my Edits I may get mad. (A week of ban isn't that bad :\)
  11. Have Fun

Thank You for all your help.

Have a Missionful day here on Little Einsteins Wiki - Bubic Einstein

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