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Welcome to the Little Einsteins Wiki. Little Einsteins is a Musical Animated series by Disney. It Revoles arround a group of kid who ride in their incredible Rocket ship and go on adventures all around the world learning about music and art! It's an adventure for all!

The Months Einstein Information On June
June in pilot
June is the Ballet girl. She is 6 years old. She is a professional dancer and when it comes to help out the team she can do a special dance to help do the problem. She wears a purple sleeveless shirt with a light purple belt and a purple tutu. Her ballet slippers are red. She has blue earrings and a pink Headband.

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This wiki is a fan-oriented website for archival and educational purposes only. Little Einsteins belongs to Baby Einstein, Curious Pictures,Buena Vista Television Group (2005–07) & Disney–ABC Television Group (2007–09)</p>

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