Little Einsteins Pilot Logo

Image from 2003/2004 Promo

The Little Einstein Pilot was previewed on 3 or 4 Baby Einstein VHS tapes. The preview had all the characters with different looks.

Annie - She looked almost the same except she has freckles/ and looks like a doll. She also has a blue under shirt instead of Green/Pink.

Quincy- He is just like Annie. He only changed a little. His hat changed from blue and he now has green sleeves on his shirt. His pants are green but


changed to blue Jeans.

Leo- Boy Leo changed A BUNCH. His hair is the same. His nose is more bigger, he is wearing blue glasses instead of green. His eyes are brown and not green. His shirt is White and yellow instead on Black and orange. His eye brows are more lighter instead of darker than his hair color.

June - She had the most changes in the Final thing. She has more of a Chinese hair style with two buns on the sides. Her Dress is pink with a flower on it. They had the tie to go around her waist in this preview also. Her shoes are a blue color of what she has now. The shoes have the same zig zag.

Rocket - It has more of a golf ball shape. It also does not have as much detail to the final Rocket. In the photo he can stretch to go fast. When you see him in the promo you can not see the Little Einsteins non like you can see them in the Final Show.

Only the Promo and Theme can be found but the episode is no where to be seen.