Leo2 by kaylor2013-d83jdml
Leo in normal pose
Biographical information
Full Name: Leo
Nickname(s): Big Brother
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Conducting
Personal information
Relatives: Annie (little sister)
Friends: Annie
Enemies: Big Jet
Likes: Helping his friends
Production information
Voiced by: Jesse Schwartz
Trenton Rogers
Harrison Chad (singing voice)
First appearance: Ring Around the Planet
Last appearance: Little Elephant's Big Parade

Leo is a main character of Little Einsteins. He is voiced by Jesse SchwartzTrenton Rogers and singing voice by Harrison Chad.

Full Name

Leo's Full name is Leonardo, but he likes being called Leo. It was confirmed on the old Little Einsteins Website.


Leo is a human. He has red hair and green eyes and eyeglasses. Leo is the leader of the Little Einsteins. He pilots Rocket. He is Annie's big brother and his main talent is conducting. His most precious object is his conductor's baton. He uses the baton to conduct the music to the right beat. In most episodes, if his rocket wanted to go superfast, he will start slow, then become fast, and finally the beat becomes presto(superfast) He is a trustworthy.

Episode appearances

Season 1

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