Leo is a main character of Little Einsteins. He is the teams conductor He is voiced by Jesse SchwartzTrenton Rogers and singing voice by Harrison Chad.


Leo is the leader of the Little Einsteins. He pilots Rocket. He is Annie's big brother and his main talent is conducting. His most precious object is his Conductor's Baton. He uses the baton to conduct the music to the right beat.


Leo is a peach young boy with green eyes and red hair. He wears a black short-sleeved shirt with an orange stripe above the middle, and orange khaki shorts with pockets attached. He is the only member to wear glasses. His glasses are cyan green/greenish blue. His shoes are black and orange with white strings and white bottoms.


Leo is a kind, caring, respectful boy who is always there to help. He is brave and confident in helping his friends. Don't think he is a scared boy because when he is helping, he is a leader. He leads the team in the right direction. Like all of the gang, Leo is scared of spiders and bats. (Our Huge Adventure (VHS/DVD)

Relationships with other Characters

Quincy is like Leo's go to person. Leo likes to be and hang out with Quincy. He conducts Quincy while he plays his instruments and helps him to not be afraid of his fears.

Leo likes June (seen in Ring Around the Planet) as he helps her get Ring back to his planet. Leo will do anything for her. If June is hurt, scared, or sad, Leo will be there to cheer her up. They are both the same age.

Annie is Leo's younger sister. He takes care of her and watches over her. He teaches her how to fly Rocket meaning he can trust her. His trust worked because Annie saved Leo, Quincy, and June in Annie's Solo Mission.

Rocket is Leo's friend because he has been there since the start (as seen in How We Became the Little Einsteins: The True Story) as Leo watches Rocket on a spaced themed baby mobile. Rocket takes Leo and the Little Einsteins anywhere they want.


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