Big Jet
Big Jet
Biographical information
Full Name: Big Jet
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Species: Blue Fighter Plane
Occupation: Little Einsteins' arch-nemesis
Personal information
Friends: Leo (Sometimes)
June (Sometimes)
Quincy (Sometimes)
Annie (Sometimes)
Rocket (Sometimes)
Enemies: Leo
Likes: Making Little Einsteins sad/mad
Dislikes: Little Einsteins solving the problem
Production information
First appearance: Hungarian Hiccups
Last appearance: Show and Tell

Big Jet used to be the main antagonist of the Little Einsteins, but he reforms and became friends in the episode, "Show and Tell".


Big Jet is a blue fighter plane, who is the nemesis of Rocket and the Little Einsteins. Big Jet has been known to ruin parties, and steal things to keep for himself. Big Jet hates springtime, owing to his being allergic to flowers, as seen in the episode "O Yes, O Yes, It's Springtime". He also hates losing, as seen in "The Great Sky Race Rematch". In episode 64, "Show and Tell", Big Jet became friends with Rocket and the Little Einsteins. Big Jet is depicted with yellow horizontal stripes on his vertical stabilizers.


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