The Forte Giant stands Next to the top of the bean stalk. In the background you can see The Forte Giant's castle

 Annie and her brother Leo, are hanging out in her room. They are reading the story about The Golden Goose, and how it is caught, by the Forte Giant. It's a very sad story, so Annie and Leo decides to assemble the friends and fly out and save the golden goose, from the Forte Giant. When they reach the bean stalk, they meet the Golden Goose's family, and they are very sad, they miss the Golden Goose so much. The team flies all the way up the bean stalk and finds the Forte Giant's castle. They must bee very quiet, because The Forte giant may not find out that they are gonna  save the Golden Goose. They sneak past him piano pianissimo, and finds the Golden Goose. But the cage as gold goose caught in, is locked with a musical password. But Annie knows the password and sing it very loud forte fortissimo, and then the Gold Goose is free. They rush out of the castle, but they are discovered by the Forte Giant, but fortunately they come past him and out of the castle, and down the bean stalk again. But Forte giant is also ready to climb down the bean stalk, so the team is have to do something. Annie get an idea how they can get bean stalk to shrink, she can a special shrink song. It works. Bean stalk has shrunk to a tiny plant, and so is the forte giant caught up in his castle. The Golden Goose is back at her family, and so is everybody happy.

Music By:

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Symphony no. 5. First and second movement.

Art by:

Vincent van Gogh